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TSC TDP-225 Series Thermal Printers


Built with TSC durability, reliability and commitment to innovation, the 2-inch-format TDP-225 series direct thermal printer features a compact design and high performance engine that make it ideal for many healthcare, retail and asset tagging labeling applications.



  • High quality double-walled clamshell design
  • 127 mm 5” OD media capacity
  • Up to 127 mm (5") per second print speed
  • Available in 203 dpi and 300 dpi resolutions
  • Easy media loading
  • Head open sensor
  • microSD Flash memory expansion up to 4 GB
  • Optional front LCD display, internal Ethernet, peel-off module, cutter module, Bluetooth module, stand-alone keyboard



TDP-225 Series Product Brochure (English)




98-0390035-00LF - Ethernet + USB module -- replaces RS-232 Serial Port
98-0390034-00LF - RS-232 Serial + USB Interface module replaces Ethernet Port
99-125A041-00LF - Bluetooth module (user option) Requires Serial Port installed


72-0010030-00LF - USB – beige, 1.5 m
72-0050002-00LF - Serial – gray, 1.8 m, 9 pin

Options and Accessories

98-0390031-00LF - TDP-225/225W Series Peel-off module (dealer option – beige)
98-0390038-00LF - TDP-225/ 225W Series Guillotine cutter module (dealer option – beige)
99-117A002-00LF - KP-200 Plus, stand-alone keyboard unit (user option)
99-0230007-00LF - KU-008, programmable keyboard unit - black (user option)
30-0170005-00LF - Protective membrane for KP-200 / KU-007 Plus keyboards


TSC TDP-225 Series

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