How We Got Started's origins began in 1987 with the creation of Consultex, a printer services company founded on ten years of skill and experience in the printer industry. The industry leader in providing service for the Dataproducts line, Consultex grew its focus to include support and spares for additional printer markets. Consultex soon became synonymous with quality support, technical expertise and quick delivery.

In 1999, Consultex decided to bring its technical expertise to the printer sales market. The result: In addition to providing unparalleled technical support, printers and supplies, is quickly becoming the leader in reliable printer solutions. Our excitement in new printer technologies is matched only by our dedication to deliver printer solutions quickly and efficiently.

We currently offer Printronix, Tally Genicom and TallyDascom impact and thermal transfer printers, supplies, parts and services. is dedicated to stocking and supporting all the manufacturers we represent.


The Printronix Story

Printronix was founded in 1974 by Robert A. Kleist and business partner Gordon Barrus. Working out of a garage in Playa Del Ray, Calif., the Printronix team developed a 300-line-per-minute (LPM) prototype line printer, called the P300 series.

In January 2008, Printronix was acquired by Vector Capital and became a private company and in 2009 Printronix acquired its closest competitor, TallyGenicom. Kleist stepped down as CEO and president turning the reins over to Randy Eisenbach. As chief operating officer, Eisenbach was an instrumental part of the TallyGenicom acquisition team.

As a result of the TallyGenicom acquisition, Printronix now owns the intellectual property for the TallyGenicom line printers. Printronix launched the first branded TallyGenicom 6600 next generation series of line matrix printers in May 2011.

Printronix is a leader in business-critical printing solutions, offering the most-trusted selection of ultra-reliable printers, services, supplies and parts for environments demanding top reliability and low printing costs. The company offers the two most-trusted brand names in industrial, back office and supply chain printing, Printronix and TallyGenicom, known throughout manufacturing, distribution, retail, banking, healthcare, government and other enterprises across the globe. The combined brand portfolios include the highest-quality line matrix, thermal and RFID printers, and service management solutions. Printronix was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Irvine, Calif.

ThePrinterPlace is a fully authorized stocking & servicing distributor for the entire offerings of Printronix and TallyGenicom printer products. Our staff has vast experience in the migration of these replacement printers and their spare parts, supplies onsite services.

Printronix – Line printers - P8000 Series – Open pedestal / Enclosed cabinet / Open Print ( / ZT ( Zero Tear )

Printronix – Thermal printers – T8000 Series / T5Res / T4M / T2N / M4L / SL5res / SL4M

TallyGenicom – Line printers – 6800 Series – Open pedestal / Enclosed cabinet / ZT ( Zero Tear )

Dascom – Matrix printers for ASCII applications & DEC / ANSI applications

Dascom – Thermal printers

Dascom – Mobile printers



Founded in 1949 in Kent, Washington, United States by Philip Renshaw, the company was a leading manufacturer of punch tape readers. In 1970 Tally developed line matrix printer technologies and became a leader in the printer industry.

In 1972 Mannesmann Präzisiontechnik was founded as a subsidiary of Mannesmann AG, specialising in dot matrix printers. In 1979 Tally and Mannesmann Präzisiontechnik were merged to form Mannesmann Tally, part of the Mannesmann Kienzle computer group. Mannesmann Tally offered printing solutions in all major technologies into all key markets, along with service and support.

Printers providing APL characters were produced in cooperation with I. P. Sharp Associates in order to support their international timesharing network. The flexible, though challenging, method of pin-firing allowed the full APL set of characters to be printed as well as an enhanced set of more universal (worldwide) glyphs.

In 1996 Tally was reformed as part of a management buy out from Mannesmann, backed by Legal & General Ventures. World headquarters was in Elchingen, Germany with subsidiaries and business partners in more than 130 countries. Production continued in Elchingen for serial dot matrix and professional inkjet printers, and in Kent for line printers and color development. In 2003, Tally merged with GENICOM to form TallyGenicom. In 2009, the TallyGenicom brand was acquired by Printronix. The intellectual property and worldwide distribution rights for the TallyGenicom serial matrix, inkjet and thermal technologies were retained by TallyGenicom AG and acquired by DASCOM in June 2009. DASCOM Europe now market the full range of the former TallyGenicom brand of serial, passbook and mobile printers under the 'Tally' brand name.


Dascom Story

ThePrinterPlace is a fully authorized stocking & servicing distributor for the entire offerings of DASCOM, Printronix and TallyGenicom printer products. Our staff has vast experience in the migration of these replacement printers and their spare parts, supplies onsite services.


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