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Printronix Printers

Printronix Line Matrix Series Printers



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Genuine Printronix Supplies

We provide national On Site printer repair services
, both Time & Material and Annual Maintenance Agreements


printer deport repair

We offer Depot Repair services
. Exchange Repair is available on some items too




Click on a Printronix model below or call us at 1-800-243-3338.


Printronix OpenPrint Series Line Matrix Printers

Printronix Open Print Printers

OpenPrint Overview
OpenPrint Pedestal
OpenPrint Quiet Cabinet
OpenPrint Zero Tear


Printronix P8000 Series New Line Matrix Printers


Printronix P8000 Series Line Matrix Printers

P8000 Overview
P8000 Pedestal
P8000 Cabinet
P8000 Zero Tear
P8000 Tabletop




Printronix Thermal Printers



T8000 Thermal bar code printer
ODV-2D Thermal Barcode Printer/Validator
T6000 Thermal bar code printer
T600 Thermal bar code printer
T400 Thermal bar code printer
M4L2 Mobile thermal bar code printer
T5000r Industrial thermal bar code printer
T4M Industrial and commercial thermal bar code printer
T2N Light Industrial printer delivers high quality printing and reliable performance at an affordable price.
SL4M Short-Pitch RFID Printer
SL4M Standard Pitch Thermal Bar Code Printers
SL5000r SL5000r Standard Pitch Thermal Bar Code Printers
ODV Online Data Validation
PrintCart Powered Printer Workstation


Printronix M4L Thermal Printer



IBM Replacement Printers by Printronix


We offer New & Remanufactured printers for Printronix & TallyGenicom


Call Les Brown today for a quote… 800-243-3338