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TallyDascom Printers


tally dascom

DASCOM's range of dot matrix printers are well matched with Microsoft Windows* applications, and highly compatible with other host operation environments including legacy systems such as Unix*, IBM* Mainframe and AS400 (iSeries*), SAP* and even the many MS-DOS* applications still being used.


Dot matrix printers are reliable all-rounders, making them the perfect choice when printing large amounts of data with carbon copies quickly and reliably.


If you want long life and high quality you can depend on while maintaining a low cost per page, our serial dot matrix printers are the right choice.


Tallygenicom Line Matrix Series Printers


Click on a TallyDascom model below or call us at 1-800-243-3338.


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Genuine Printronix Supplies

We provide national On Site printer repair services
, both Time & Material and Annual Maintenance Agreements


printer deport repair

We offer Depot Repair services
. Exchange Repair is available on some items too







TallyDascom Dot Matrix Printers

1125 500 cps
1225 375 cps
2600 650 cps
2610 680 cps
T2240 533 cps
T2540 533 cps
T2340 410 cps
T2150 900 cps
T2250 900 cps
T2265 900 cps
T2280 1000 cps
T2365 840 cps
T2380 1000 cps
LA48N/W 480 cps
LA550N/W 500 cps
LA2600 650 cps
LA2610 650 cps
LA650+ 1000 cps
LA800+ 1000 cps



TallyDascom Flatbed Printers

1318 240 cps
1325 375 cps
1430 450 cps
T5040 400 cps


Dascom Mobile Printers

MP480 400 cps


TallyDascom Thermal Printers

7106 6 ips
7206 6 ips
7010 10 ips


TallyDascom POS Printers

DT-230 Tallydascom DT 230


Printer Replacement Guide

Tally T2365 versus GENICOM 3860


A TallyDascom cross reference guide designed to help you quickly find replacements for older printers.


New DASCOM Serial Printer Replacement Guide