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TallyDascom LA650+ Serial Printers



Fast and reliable for the DEC® environment


  • Print speeds up to 900 cps
  • Full range of automatic features minimising operator intervention
  • Ideal for 'On-Demand' and 'Batch' applications with zero tear for no wasted forms
  • Straight through paper path for easy forms loading
  • Parallel, Serial and Ethernet interfaces standard
  • Includes DEC PPL2 command set and MMJ Adapter


TallyDascom Printers

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Specifications below


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TallyDascom LA650+ Serial Matrix Printer Specifications
Technology type Serial Impact, Bi-directional
Print Speed (text) At 10,12,15 cpi: Draft: 650,720,900; NLQ: 200,240,300; LQ: 100,120,150
Consumables 20 million characters ribbon
Character Density 5, 6, 6.65, 7.5, 8.25, 8.6, 9, 10, 12, 13.3, 15, 16.5, 17.1, 18, 20cpi
Resolution 360 x 360 dpi
Standard Connectivity Serial RS232 and bi-directional parallel with 128Kb buffer, DEC MMJ Adapter included. Ethernet 10/100 Base T
Emulation DEC PPL2, Epson LA (Esc P/2), IBM ProPrinter XL24e and XL24e + AGM
Fonts Draft, Draft Copy, Roman, Sans Serif, Courier, Prestige, Script, Orator, OCR-A/B*, 15 Barcodes
Paper Handling Push tractors with paper parking and AGA; Cut Sheet front insertion with AGA
Number of Copies 1+6 copies
Paper Type Continuous forms; Cut sheet
Paper Size Cut sheet: 420mm wide
Physical Specifications (HxWxD) (HxWxD): 277mm x 623mm x 430mm
Acoustics in db(A) 55dB(A)
Temperature +10ºC to +35ºC
Humidity 20% to 80%
Power Requirements 230V