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Tallygenicom LA550N, LA550W, LA650, LA800 Printer Error Messages

If the fault message returns, perform the required corrective action or call your authorized service representative at 1-800-243-3338.

Below is a list of error messages


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Tallygenicom LA550N, LA550W, LA650, LA800 Error Messages
Message Explanation Action
Eject Error The printer cannot eject the paper
or cannot place the paper in the
park position.
Check the following:
1) The paper path is blocked by a foreign object.
2) The paper is damaged.
3) The upper friction is down and clicked into place.
4) Print head gap is too small.
Load Error The printer cannot feed in the
loaded paper.
Check the following:
1) The paper path is blocked by a foreign object.
2) The paper is damaged.
3) The tractors are closed and locked.
4) Whether the paper is too tight or loose.
5) The paper is within the specified range.
Load paper from... The paper has run out during
1 Printer is switched on but no paper is loaded in the displayed
(active) paper compartment.
2 The paper is not fed past the
light barrier.
1) Insert paper in the active sheet feeder.
2) Place the paper more to the left.
If the display shows Online or
Offline instead of Print, the
printer has loaded no paper and there is no print job. It is no error message in this case, actions are not required.
Paper Jam Paper Jam 1) Eliminate the paper jam detected by the paper motion sensor.
2) Paper is too narrow. Use paper with a width of at least 6.3" (16 cm).
Cover open Top cover is open. Close the top cover.
Hardware Alarm Internal hardware error. Try switching off and on.
Check if changes to options
have been previously carried
Parity Error Transmission error from computer
to printer via the optional serial
1) Compare the interface configuration of your printer with the settings of your computer (protocol).
2) Check the cable, if necessary replace it.
3) The cable exceeds the maximum allowed length.
Frame Error Transmission error (serial interface). Compare the format setting of
your printer with the setting of
your computer.
1) Check the permissible cable length.
2) See parity error.
Overrun Error Received data which has not yet
been printed is overwritten with
new data.
1) Check that the correct busy protocol (e.g. XON XOFF) is set in the menu Serial interface.
2) Check the interface cable.
Head Hot The printer prints at lower speed. When this message comes up even in a "cold" printer, please contact your authorized service representative.
Call 1-800-243-3338