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Printronix Laser Printer Supplies


Since supplies and spare parts used in a printer are a critical element of the printing system, their design, specification and selection are of utmost importance. Printronix, with its years of experience in the design of printers and their applications, promises that you will receive the exact materials required to maximize the performance of your Printronix printer.


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Genuine Printronix Supplies

Genuine Printronix Supplies provide superior quality. They are manufactured to our demanding specifications and quality is checked and controlled from raw materials to delivery to your door. Genuine Printronix Supplies are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship, and to mechanically perform out of box when installed in the printer.


L7032 Laser Printer Supplies

251749-001 Toner Kit
251746-001 Developer Unit
251747-001 Developer Mix
251742-001 MICR Toner Kit
251803-001 MICR Developer Unit
251804-001 MICR Developer Mix
251748-001 OPC Drum Kit
251745-001 Transfer Charger
251744-001 Fuser Assembly - 120 VAC Models
251743-001 Fuser Assembly - 220 VAC Models


L1524, L1024 & L1024 IPDS Series Printer Supplies

704539-006 Toner Kit
704539-008 OPC Drum Kit
704539-007 Developer Mix
704539-146 Fuser Roller Kit - 120 VAC Models
704539-147 Fuser Roller Kit - 220 VAC Models
704539-021 Felt Fuser Wipers
203977-001 Card Stock Upgrade Kit, 115v
203976-001 Card Stock Upgrade Kit, 230v
203983-001 Fuser Kit, Card Stock Upgrade, 115v
203984-001 Fuser Kit, Card Stock Upgrade, 230v
170802-001 L1524, L1024 100,000 Page Supplies Kit



L5520, L5020 and L5020 IPDS Series Printer Supplies

703532-002 Toner Cartridge
202984-001 Waste Toner Bottle
703548-001 Developer
703535-001 Photoreceptor Drum
705739-001 Developing Unit
170801-001 L5520 and L5020 Initial Supplies Kit


L1016 Series Printer Supplies

702566-001 Toner Cartridge
704539-008 OPC Drum Kit
702568-001 Developer Kit


L5535, L5035, L5035 IPDS, L5031 and L5024 Supplies

703532-002 Toner Cartridge
703548-001 Developer
703539-001 Waste Toner Bottle
703535-001 Photoreceptor Drum
705739-001 Developing Unit
170803-001 L5535 and L5035 Initial Supplies Kit
171342-001 L5535 and L5035 300,000 Page Supplies Kit