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Tallygenicom 6600Q Cabinet Printer

Configured in a fully enclosed sound reduction cabinet with access from the front, top and rear, the 6600Q offers a mission-critical line matrix printer solution for those who work in noise sensitive areas and need a quiet industrial strength printer.


  • Front Paper Access. This option eliminates the need for any normal rear access, allowing the printer to be pushed against walls or into corners.
  • SureStak Power Stacker. This device actually pulls the printed paper over the top of the print path and pushes it down into the stacking area. There, a series of paddle wheels actually refold the forms tightly, so even the toughest forms can be printed and stacked neatly up to a full box.
  • 6620Q Sliding Rear Drawer Option. A full box of printed forms can be very heavy. Now, with the Rear Sliding Drawer option, your form collection is made easier and safer. When the print run is complete, open the rear door, pull out the easy-to-slide drawer, and grasp the conveniently placed lifting handles.
  • Improved handling. Newly designed micro platen adjuster makes it easier to handle a wider variety of forms such as multi-part, heavy, recycled and light weight stock.



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